Hey! Welcome to the Bipolar Affective Disorder resource list potion of my blog! #bipolarbuddies is a thing I started using on Twitter for all my BPAD Tweets, and it’s become a way to find, encourage, and support each other! If you are living with BPAD (of any form) feel free to join in the Twitter shenanigans and solidarity if you feel so inclined! Maybe one day we’ll “trend”.

In the mean time, here’s a list which will be added to periodically of other bloggers, vloggers, authors, and speakers who address living with Bipolar! Some are funny, some are educational, all are worth your time! (I promise!)

This list will, by it’s nature, grow with time. If YOU, dear reader, know of any great resources not linked here, please feel free to send them my way!





Erez Shek
35, Bipolar, Suicide Survivor,Singer & Comedian. 
“The Shek Check”  brings all together to Fight Stigma
promote great self-care for ALL because at the end of the day,
we all need and want Mental Wellness–whether we have Mental
Illness or not. 
First up on the list, the amazing Erez Shek. This guy is funny, brutally honest, and spreading vital information on what it means to live with Bipolar, the life-threatening effects of stigma, and the realities of life with a mental health diagnosis. (Plus, Life Lessons Via Super Mario Bros.) I tend to shy away from the term “inspirational”, because I think it’s used to create caricatures of people living with mental health diagnoses and minimize some of our experiences, BUT Erez’s Vlog truly does inspire me. Check it out here!
Then, there is the wonderful and prolific Sarah Fader! Sarah is the CEO and Founder
of the 501c3 non-profit Stigma Fighters, a podcast queen, a writer extraordinaire (A columnist for PsychToday, Washington Post Contributor, and published in many other periodicals and websites), and an all around fantastic human being. She is living with Bipolar Type II, Panic Disorder, and PTSD, raising her kiddos, and still rocking the movement to fight stigma wherever it may be. (She’s kind of a superhero!) Check her out on her website and hop over to Stigma Fighters while you’re at it!
    gabe                                                                                    Next up, the one and only Gabe Howard. Gabe facilitates the PsychCentral Podcast, he’s an award winning speaker, author, and educator and he lives with Bipolar type I. If you’re not familiar with Gabe, I highly recommend digging into some of his body of work! Also, he’s the guy that made these shirts:  16387264_10209094397420699_492461685832456035_n
Also, check out Andy Behrman, author of Electroboy , speaker, advocate, and generally cool human being! His site has a fantastic resource collection, a link to his book, and some other generally cool stuff! You can also follow him of Twitter @electroboyusa
NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness for education, peer support, and family support.
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Wellness Toolbox for recovery tools and peer support.
Wellness Recovery Action Plan developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD. A fantastic resource hub for those of us in recovery.