Quick Update 

I am dealing with a mental health crisis right now and I need to get myself well before I can resume regular posting. I am not sure when I’ll be back, but I anticipate a couple of weeks at the least. Thank you all for your support, patience, and understanding in this matter. Remember to reach out if you need help. There is no shame in seeking higher levels of care when necessary. Stay safe. You are loved. 

9 thoughts on “Quick Update 

      1. I’m so pleased to hear that ❤ I'm sure you have coping mechanisms and people around you but I just posted a blog about things to remember on bad days – I hope it can help in some way xxx

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      2. I’ll definitely check it out! Can’t have too many resources! Honestly, my coping mechanisms went out the window 😕 I’m in a short term crisis stabilization place right now. So, I’m kind of hitting the building blocks and trying to get that foundation built back up. Learning some awesome new things and relearning some old things – many (hopefully) informative blog posts will come out of this experience!


      3. I’m so pleased you’re open to learning new coping mechanisms – it’s so hard to be disheartened when old strategies stop working. Let me know whether any of the things speak out to you xx

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