Changes Are A-Here!

Hey everyone!

I’m super excited to be officially launching my PATREON site!

With this comes the “un-official” relaunch of my blog, too!

I’m back in full swing, and I’ve got posts already written and qued up! (I know… who the hell have I become?!)


  • NEW POSTS will be live every Tuesday and Thursday starting this Thursday! We’ll have Tell All Tuesdays (the more personal posts you all seem to enjoy, like the return of the “Scrawling Toward Sanity Series”, “old school” posts like when this blog first started, Q&A responses, etc.) and Recovery Thursdays (posts focusing on resources, coping skills, self care, and so on)
  • FRIDAYS are a big ol’ jumbled box of coolness. I will host a guest post on the first Friday of every month (I’ve already got a really interesting one on deck for you guys!) and on the last Friday of every month, it’s an “anything” post. Could be reflection, could be a poem, could be a song that I’m really digging that relates to mental health struggles/recovery and a brief write up of why I’m digging it… really, anything at all (I’ve got to acknowledge that I’m a free spirit and reserve the right to express that somewhere in this space!) The other two Fridays will be Friday Finds! 
  • I’m wicked excited about the PATREON launch! I have tiers for readers and fellow advocates, and offer everything from shout-outs/ promos of your respective pages on all of ParallelDichotomy’s social media sites to Virtual Hang Outs! And I’m really excited to connect with you all in a deeper way!
  • I’ve got a newly stoked passion for truly breaking down stigma and educating about mental health and trauma, and advocating for quality mental health care and recovery. And I’m going to chase after it with everything I’ve got. I hope you’ll come with me!

Catch me on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Tumblr. And be sure to hop over to my Patreon and take a look around!


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