Friday Finds # 2

Happy Friday everyone! I spoke prematurely in my last post about kicking this cold to the curb. Truly sorry to leave you all hanging (if you were hanging) on the Emotional Regulation post. In an effort to not jinx myself again, I’m not going to say “I’m better”, rather, I will say that I’m feeling well enough to at least get this post up to spread some love to my fellow mental health bloggers. And, if “feeling well enough” continues, Emotional Regulation will also be posted today! (Seriously, this cold is like every cold I’ve ever had compacted into one virus that took steroids before hitting me.) I really appreciate everyone’s patience and the many wonderful people who have reached out to check in.

Without further ado, I give to you the posts by other bloggers that really stood out to me this week in WordPress Land. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

This post  is a great description of one man’s struggles with anxiety. Wonderfully written with fantastic imagery and brutal honesty. This is not just a post “telling” you what anxiety feels like, it “shows” you, and it is a great read! CHeck it out and then hang around his blog for a while. It’s worth your time! 

For all my fellow #bipolarbuddies , this is a great read on he impact of “Spring Mania” on the hypomanic symptoms in BPAD II. It’s honest and personal, while also being insightful and educational. 

This one is a little “scholarly” and heady , but it’s very important research that exposes the “hierarchy of stigma” within public perceptions of mental health. This post highlights findings from a recent study on the way the label of “schizophrenia” tends to carry more stigma and ostracization than people with the same symptoms not labeled Schizophrenic. I found this to be very insightful, and I’m looking forward to more research being one and, hopefully, an application of the results of this study and the follow-up ones to fight the stigma of the broader society’s view of Schizophrenia and other “major” mental health diagnoses.

This post  is Emma’s story on her recovery from eating disorders. This will be a seven part reflective series, and I think it promises to be very interesting and informative. The first post is certainly wonderful! Please check it out and give her blog some love, too! 

And, finally, this post is a great write up of the impact of Bipolar, and a fantastic piece “Setting straight” the author’s actual experience versus people’s preconceived notions and general misunderstanding of the diagnosis.

There is is, folks! I hope that you’ll take a few minutes to check out some of these great posts!

For those of you tracking my progress on the 30 Day Mental Cleanse Challenge, I’m IMG_20170403_092747_525000actually still on track with that – goal yesterday was to watch Buffy or X-Files and geek out. I ended up watching Stargate SG-1 instead, which, I’m quite positive, knocks up the “geeing out” factor a little all on it’s own! And when it comes to Stargate, I’m even more of a geek than season one Daniel Jackson. (If you get the reference, I love you; if you don’t, don’t worry about it – keep viewing me as the cool kid, that’s fine, too!) Today’s goal was to do at least one self-soothing activity. I used two – I enjoyed a very tasty berry/kale/yogurt/orange juice smoothie and I took a super long, hot shower! (My daughter is with her dad today, so it was a rare opportunity to not rush the showering process. Hey, when you’re a mama, you gotta take it when you can!)

As always, please let me know what you thought of this post, and let’s get social on Facebook or Twitter! Peace and love!


4 thoughts on “Friday Finds # 2

  1. Aahhh I’m sorry you’re still sick! My family got hit by a virus on steroids too and two people ended up hospitalized as a result (and given steroids to breathe haha). This collection of posts sounds awesome I’m gonna flag this post so I can read each one as I have time! Thanks for taking the time to put em all together like this ❤

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