Friday Finds

Want to get out of my corner of the Internet and explore a bit? These are some of the posts I’ve read this week that I found interesting and informative! 

Twisted Up Inside seems to be an anonymous blogger, but I find her creative depiction of a dissociative episode as seen by friends and family to be very insightful. 

You all seemed to really enjoy my “Scrawling Toward Sanity” posts – the journal entries from my first and second days on the inpatient psych unit. I’ll be sharing another one in the next few days, but, if you want to read of other raw journal entries on what it’s like to be inpatient, check out this journal share from Morgan.  Also, be sure to poke around the rest of her blog! She’s got some awesome content! 

You all know I’ve been doing the Mental Cleanse Challenge for self-care. If that’s not quite your cup o’ tea, but you want some sort of structure to help you establish a consistent journaling habit, join The Original Phoenix in taking on the NaJoWriMo Challenge! Make sure to explore the rest of this fantastic blog as well! 


On the topic of Stigma and seemingly politically correct terminology that actually further damages the perception of those of us living with mental health diagnoses, give this fantastic critique of the term “behavioral health” by the great Natasha Tracy a read! 

My friend and fellow PTSD Mama and Blogger Betty wrote an excellent post on staying sober when triggered

I hope you enjoy all of these posts and blogs as much as I have! Now, truly, I’m going to take my feverish ass to bed and stop typing things. But, you can expect the Mental Cleanse Challenge – Day 7 and a posting on an awesome technique in interpersonal effectiveness called the Relationship Report Card – how healthy are the major relationships in your life? Pop in tomorrow evening and find an effective, easy method of “grading” them (No, you don’t ever have to show the report to anyone, but it’s a good tool to see, for yourself, which people in your inner circle may be toxic, and which are truly friends.)

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