Mental Cleanse Challenge

I found this fantastic idea on Purple Owl’s Blog, and she got it from someone else, who got it from someone else – isn’t the internet amazing? Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about self-care and self-love this past week, and I’ve shared with you my favorite emergency self-care techniques, but this idea for some added, lighthearted accountability seems like a really good idea right about now. Maybe you could benefit from jumping on the Mental Cleanse bandwagon, too? (Hey! It’s good for you!)

So, I’m a day behind to have this fit neatly into the “one month box” BUT I’m gonna do it anyway. Boxes be damned! For the next 30 days, I will be completing the corresponding self-care activity on this list and making a short post about it (in addition to my regularly scheduled, longer form posts, of course). Some of the items on this list might not make sense to you reading them at first, as I’ll be using some self-care tricks I learned in the hospital, in the partial hospitalization program, and in the intensive outpatient program; but I promise to detail each one in the actual daily posts I make.

So, here’s my 30 day list for the rest of April and the first of May.

  1. Set goals and introduce the plan, then take a long, hot shower.
  2. G.L.A.D./ What’s Not Wrong
  3. Check one thing off 50 Things to Do, Become, or Be
  4. FIRST therapy appointment with new therapist – be honest; come home and journal
  5. Get some face-to-face time with a friend.
  6. Yoga Routine/ Radical Acceptance
  7. Play Mario with Katie
  8. Get up earlier than Katie & read & share poem
  9. Learn a new song on the guitar
  10. Review journal and consider one new thing I learned since writing that entry
  11. Watch an episode of Buffy or X-Files, geek out
  12. Do one Self-Soothing activity   
  13. Listen to Pink Floyd with headphones on
  14. Video Chat/ Phone Call a friend
  15. Watch a movie I’ve never seen before
  16. Drink a cup of tea & journal
  17. Make plans with friends for when Katie is gone
  18. Check off one more thing on 50 Things…
  19. Watch a motivational video, share it, and talk about it
  20. Wear something that makes me feel pretty
  21. Do one thing to get in touch with deep emotions
  22. Read something uplifting
  23. Practice mindfulness for 30 minutes throughout the day
  24. Cook dinner with Katie – don’t be afraid to make a mess!
  25. Go on a picture taking adventure
  26. Practice grounding techniques/ mindfulness when I don’t need them
  27. Back road drive
  28. Get outside!
  29. Go to bed earlier than normal
  30. Mint mask & reflect on the past 30 days

So, there’s my list! Want to join in? I’d love to hear your plans! Let me know if you’re going to participate by tweeting me at @paradichotomy (here), participating in the challenge on my Facebook page, or in the comments below! Let’s all give ourselves 30 days of solid self-care and see where it gets us!
Now, I’m off to take that hot shower. (I don’t think you need details on that one!) Have a wonderful night!

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