10 thoughts on “Scrawling Toward Sanity: Day One

  1. I really appreciate you sharing this. Internalized stigma is definitely a huge factor that prevents people from seeking the help they need. And self-critics are nooo fun. Mine made me start self-harm two years ago (I’m clean now.)

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      1. Seriously. It can be so hard. A therapist of mine described it as you “lens narrowing” until you can’t see anything else. An apt metaphor, I think. Now, I’m constantly reminding myself to “check” my lens against reality. It’s helped a lot. Doesn’t get rid of it, of course, but it does help. (at least for me)

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      2. That sounds a lot like mindfulness. 🙂 You do kind of just have to keep reminding yourself and catching yourself when you fixate. I’m sure the more you practice, the easier it’ll get. 🙂

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      3. Definitely! There are tools available to make living with chronic mental illness more manageable – you just have to learn how to use them! BTW, great job on avoiding self harm for two years! That’s something to be really proud of! 😁

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